Chemical Cleaning

Bright Dip 

Bright dips are used to give metals bright, lustrous finishes. ADV’s stabilized peroxide bright-dip processes help prevent re-tarnishing of brass, leaded brass, and copper after brightening.

A quick bright-dip process followed by a rinse, deoxidization, and a final rinse will result in a bright, bold, and eye-pleasing finish on metal parts.

Specification: ASTM B-281 

Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning is extremely effective in removing layers of oil and other substances.  ADV Plating offers the following chemical cleaning processes:

  • Solvent cleaning
  • Hot alkaline detergent cleaning
  • Electrocleaning
  • Acid etch

Specifications: ASTM B183 (Low Carbon Steel), ASTM B254 (Stainless Steel), ASTM B242 (High-Carbon Steel), ASTM B-281 (Brass, Copper) 


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